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Friday, June 15, 2012

Cutting your own curly hair

My sister visited me a little while back with a gorgeous hair cut - and told me she had done it herself following video instructions on Youtube.  Today, I hunted down the videos and watched several - then cut mine and my daughter's hair.  Here is the youtube link to Misscurlilocks video.  She has 36 videos posted about cutting hair, styling hair, nails and random other things.

I started by cutting my daughter's hair - she wanted it to be a lot shorter.  She has a natural wave and sometimes it will curl if it has a nice cut.  I thought the layered hair might help.

 I started just like the video said and combed her hair straight up from her head, put a rubberband around it, and then another a little further down & cut in between them.  This is after the cut.

This is from the front after the cut.
 This is the end I cut off.
 This is the what her hair looked like after the cut.
 You can see the layers.  I wasn't sure I liked it.  It reminded me of an 80's hairdo.
 I decided to cut her bangs and style her hair and see how it looked.  If you watch the video whose link is posted above, she has a link to how to cut bangs.  I cut it like she did, but not so far from her face.  Kitkat is holding up her cut hair ends.
 I put a little curling gel in her hair and dried it with my diffuser.  Her hair looked beautiful!
 But the style looked too grown up for her.
 So, I put some barrettes in hair, to make her look more like the little girl she still is.
 I thought it looked cute, but she said she really wanted her hair to be chin length.
 So, I pulled her long layers around to the back and rubber banded them again.  I cut between the bands.  This came out much better, but it was a little longer in front, so I had to snip a couple strands.

Here she is with her final cut.

She is very happy with it - and now she is ready to go the beach tomorrow!

So, now it's my turn.  I hopped in the shower to get my hair clean and very wet.

I wanted a style that was longer in front than in back - so I put my ponytail to the back.

This is how it turned out.  I wasn't happy - it was still longer in the back than I wanted.
 I rubberbanded my hair, close to my scalp - but was afraid to cut above it as I didn't want a bald patch!  So I did the second rubberband and cut between the, but close to the high band.  Kitkat did the trimming for me to make sure my cut was even.
 This is how it turned out.  I was much happier with it, though I would have liked the back a little shorter still.

I styled it just like I did my daughter's.  I put in curling gel and diffused it.  Here it is from the left side.

And from the right side.

And finally from the back.

Thank you Miss Curlilocks!!  It curled very well with the layers.  I'm never really happy with salon cuts - this way I can get what I want.  And now, I'm ready for the beach too!!


  1. Curly hair is very much suit for you..I am having straight hair.I love the curly hair

  2. I found your blog on google and cut my hair tonight using the same youtube tutorial and couldn't be happier with the results! Thanks for the pictures, they really made me feel more confident about trying it :)

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad it worked out for you too.

  3. Now I have a mullet and I don’t know what to do